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Does Volumizing Shampoo Really Work?

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Posted on May 11 2020

Does Volumizing Shampoo Really Work?

Yes, volumizing shampoo does work!

There are a variety of volumizing shampoo that promises volume but only some out of these could live upto the expectation of the consumers. And that's where the question arises whether they really work or it's just the promotional gimmick.

The fact is these volumizing shampoo are designed to achieve different goals. Some of them are enriched with innovative ingredients to offer long lasting volume while some provide visibly thicker and fuller locks as a temporary solution. The simplest in this category is, regular use light shampoo which imparts weight less body and bounce.

The terms thickening and volumizing are also sometimes confusing. Thickening shampoo, thicken each hair strand by infusing it with protein and collagen. They enhance hair protein by building a net around each hair strand resulting in stronger and plumper hair. While volumizing shampoo works on hair texture and build overall hair volume by penetrating and expanding hair fibres. These terms are often used interchangeably because both make hair appear more full of body.

How effectively a volumizing shampoo will work depends on its formulation design, coordinating conditioner, current hair condition and natural hair texture. Roughly 50% men and women are with naturally flat-thin hair, using a volumizing shampoo  on them is like working against natural hair texture.

Thus some volumizing shampoo are only effective if the hair has become fine due to damage. Also note many chemical based volumizing products leave residue that weigh down hair and also deteriorate scalp condition.

Fine hair is having a weak cortex, oil buildup and dryness. So what should you do if you have fine hair?


Vilvah recommends to use following products to make your hair look healthier, shinier and bouncier.

  1. Vilvah Goat Milk Shampoo - Ultra hydraring shampoo with Pea Protein and Ecocert certified natural surfactants effectively cleanse, hydrate, condition and densify the hair.
  2. Vilvah Hair Growth Hair Oil - The dynamic duo black seed and pumpkin seed oil in nutrient rich castor oil nurse hair follicles back to health and prevent hair thinning.
  3. Vilvah Anti Dandruff Herbal Shampoo - This shampoo with clinically proven actives works best for flaky scalp and chemically treated hair while effectively remove oily build up.
  4. Vilvah Anti Dandruff Hair Oil - Neem, teatree and camphor are the key highlight of this hair oil. They help dilute and loosen oily build up and chemical residue from hair and scalp when washed with shampoo.
  5. Vilvah Hair Conditioner - This tucuma butter and broccoli oil based light weight hair conditioner does not weigh down hair thus creates more body.

              Henna powder masks are also proven hair volumizers from ages and can be used fortnightly. We suggest to use professional or chemical based volumizing products occasionally as they do less good and more harm to your hair. You can design your own hair volumizing regime with Vilvah's natural, safe and sustainable hair care products.


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