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Goatmilk Goodness

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Posted on November 18 2019

Goatmilk Goodness

Goat milk Goodness – All natural, nourishing and chemical free. Goat milk products are a go to for anyone looking for gentle and effective skin care and hair care. Read on to find out how this is good for skin and hair!

In the search for natural and skin safe products, goat milk has outshone many other nourishing ingredients. From the farm to your skincare routine, goatmilk retains its many nourishing properties.

It has a chemical composition which, according to certain studies, is beneficial to adults. Since it has 13% less lactose content than cow’s milk, even lactose intolerant people can have the milk with ease.

The use of chemical-based, harsh soaps is becoming less thanks to nourishing alternatives like goat milk. This naturally obtained ingredient does the job of cleansing your body without any of the harmful effects that come with chemical-based soaps. It is also easily absorbed by the skin since it has a similar ph level and helps boost complexion.

Benefits of goat milk for skin

Soaps formulated with this nourishing ingredient have been known to effectively reduce skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. It works wonders for dry and sensitive skin without triggering any form of irritation.

The natural alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid present in goat milk act as a natural exfoliator and leaves skin feeling fresh and young. This is because they have properties which break down the bond between the dead skin cells.

Its properties are such that they cannot be reproduced chemically for any personal care product. It is also flushed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Acne doesn’t stand a chance against goat milk. Inflamed, irritated skin can be easily soothed with goat milk. The antimicrobial properties it contains can be used to prevent and eliminate acne easily.

A younger appearance is something we all crave. It is now possible, thanks to the Vitamin B6 and B12 content present in goat milk. These vitamins help reduce wrinkles and tone the skin while also moisturizing and hydrating it.

It is also rich in Vitamins A, D and E. This ensures that the use of goat milk-based products will help rejuvenate your skin and nourish it deeply.

A host of other nutrients such as selenium, triglycerides, calcium, Vitamin C and fat molecules help improve the texture of the skin and protect against exposure to the sun.

Benefits of goat milk for hair

Shampoos and conditioners are a staple in every household. Usually, most Hair care products are made with harsh chemicals, which strip your hair off natural oils. Such products can leave your hair brittle and broken. Using natural hair care products can help your hair regain its natural luster and beauty.

One of the finest natural hair care ingredients is goat milk. It has numerous benefits for hair.

As a shampoo, it has been known to reduce frizz, prevent breakage and leave your hair feeling shiny and soft.

Goat milk shampoo and shampoo bars are also effective for dandruff prone hair. It moisturizes the scalp and helps reduce flakes.

Goat milk products for hair and skin:

Goat milk products have always remained a hero product range for us. We have a large number of goatherds in our farm, from which we obtain fresh goat milk. Our products are made using the cold pressed method, which ensures that the nutrients are preserved effectively.

Our natural, healthy and hydrating, goatmilk-based skincare range is made with pure, nourishing ingredients.

Here’s a few we think should be a part of your skincare and haircare routine!

Goatmilk soap:

Our classic goat milk soap is super nourishing for dry and sensitive skin. It contains numerous vitamins and essential minerals which restore the skin’s natural beauty. It hydrates the skin and effectively combats acne and scars.

Give your skin the natural nourishment it deserves with Vilvah’s goat milk soap

Goatmilk shampoo:

Enriched with hydrolysed silk protein and banana extract, our goatmilk shampoo cleanses your hair with ease. It repairs dry, damaged hair and leaves it feeling soft and manageable.

Make your hair shine and bounce with Vilvah’s Goat Milk Shampoos


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