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Hairfall - A Holistic Approach

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Posted on April 30 2020

Hairfall - A Holistic Approach

Hair loss is God's way of telling me.

        "I'm human".

              --- Bruce Willis ----

Yes, this is true that hair loss is a natural process. And they actually "fall for everyone".

Hair life cycle has three stages. The growth stage is called "Anagen" also known as beginning stage of hair life. It produces keratinocytes that release keratin protein to form a hair strand. "Catagen" is next stage and is called transition stage because blood supply to the follicle base is cut off and its cease production of keratin. The third is resting stage "Telogen", in this hair strand sit in the follicle for few months before falling out. It's important to note that each hair strand on the body will be at a different stage in the life cycle.

If we refer to scientific figures, we lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. Since there are over one lac hair follicles - on each person's scalp the loss of 100 or so hair strands a day doesn't make a big difference in appearance.  

Hair fall becomes a matter of concern when we start losing them tremendously. The major reasons behind this are hormonal changes, thyroid disorder, stress, insufficient sleep, medication, nutritional deficiency, careless selection of hair care and styling products and wrong hair care regime. These causes are self explanatory to understand why we need to have a holistic approach to deal with the problem of hair loss.  

In this article we have paid special attention to cover maximum queries received on hair fall from our followers. Here we are sharing some natural and proven solutions with easy to follow format so that anyone can design their own hair fall control regime right away.

  1. Balancing Hormones - Certain times of life as - puberty, pregnancy, postpartum period, thyroid, aging we all face hormonal imbalance. Many of these are known to cause hair thinning.

               To regulate hormone take medication and guidance from your doctor.  To balance these naturally engage in regular exercise, avoid over and under eating, eat enough protein and drink green tea.

  1. Relax And Sleep Well - Three types of hair losses are associated with stress. It pushes a large number of hair follicles in the resting phase and these affected hair fall out during combing or washing hair. In alopecia, the body's immune system attacks the hair follicle - causing hair loss.

               The good news is if you control your stress and have sufficient sleep, your hair may even grow back. Nurture your spirit with yoga and meditation. Scalp massage with good hair oil helps activate hair follicle to regrow hair and is also relaxing for mind.

  1. Nutritional Support + Hydration - There is a scientific connection between hair and nutrition. Hair cells are the second fastest growing cells in our body. Scalp has over one lac hair, thus requiring that much nutrition to support each growing hair cells. This is why lack of nutrition first reflects in the form of hair loss. Deficiency in iron and overload of Vitamin A often causes hair fall.

                  Healthy diet often does not include all the elements for optimum hair growth and hair health. Hair cells need a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, iron, Vitamins, proteins to work at their best. Drink 2-3 ltrs. water a day based on your activity level and climatic conditions, as a hydrated scalp supports hair growth cells and also strengthens hair roots. 

  1. Hair Care & Styling Products - Chemicals and processes used in hair styling and treatment products makes the hair shaft weaker and deteriorate scalp condition, which results in hair loss. Hair with lost shine, smoothness, strength and with split ends shows continuous use of unsuitable product type.

                Reduce the frequency of styling or hair treatment products. A new shampoo or conditioner may initially make hair feel oilier, heavier or may cause hair fall. As it's take a few days for scalp to adjust to new shampoo/conditioner. If the product is suiting you, after few wash hair texture will be more balanced. We suggest doing proper research while selecting the right hair care product for you. Initially go for trial or smaller pack size, to check if it's suitable for your hair needs. Natural products with a safe ingredient profile is a plus.                   

Please remember there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hair loss. Apart from different body chemistry of male and female there are several factors that decide to what extent these solutions will improve the quality and strength of your hair.


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