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Karuppu kavuni flakes

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Karuppu kavuni flakes are made from organically grown Karuppu kavuni rice. It is loaded with vitamin C and has a low glycemic index. Rice is parboiled before flattening. The thickness of the flakes varies from almost translucently thin to nearly four times thinner than a normal rice grain.

Controls diabetes
Rich in antioxidants and nutrients
Prevention of heart diseases

Nutrients per 100 grams*

Energy (kcal) 332
Protein (g) 8.9
Carbohydrate (g) 71
Dietary fiber (g) 3.6
Fat (g) 1.4
Iron (mg) 6.5

* approximate values

The flakes can be made into tasty recipes like upma, kesari and sweets.

All rice orders will be dispatched directly from Vilvah Farm and they may not be combined with non-rice orders. Since all the rice varieties are harvested and processed completely organic, it’s natural to have some bugs sometimes. Please put some neem leaves or chillies in the rice storage.

All rice orders will be charged 50/- per kg as a shipping charge irrespective of your order value.