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Coconut oil Soap

Coconut oil Soap


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Product description:

With every wash, you can enjoy the pure concentrated goodness of Coconut Oil. Coconut oil works as a natural body cleanser, simultaneously nourishing and moisturising it. Creamy Coconut Milk acts as an additional moisturising agent ensuring your skin remains soft and supple.

Quantity: 125 g

Skintype: All skin types

Kids Friendly? - YES


The best thing about coconut oil soap is that it actually cleanses the skin from inside without causing excessive dryness. Being rich in pure coconut milk and coconut oil, this soap contains lots of fatty acids.

Its moisturizing properties help in restoring the lost moisture of the skin by rejuvenating the cells thoroughly. As a result, we get soft, supple and smooth skin.

Regular use of coconut milk soap can delay premature ageing signs. It has been found that coconut milk is enriched with powerful antioxidants including Vitamin C and Vitamin E


*Cocos nucifera(Fresh Coconut milk), **Cocos nucifera(Virgin coconut oil), *Lavandula(lavender essential oil), *Lemongrass essential oil, **Peppermint essential oil, sodium hydroxide

*Certified organic

**Organically grown but not certified

For the production of soaps, we do NOT use Parabens, SLS, Propylene glycol, Phthalates, NM, PCM, colourants.


Rub between your palms and apply the lather on your face and body. Use a soap dish to prevent melting and ensure that the soap is drained after every use. You can even cut the soap into 2 halves and use it for a prolonged time.


Every piece is a creation of artisans and handcrafted with care. There may be Natural blemishes/distinctions that are not product flaws. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products, so you might find slight changes in colour and size of the products.

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