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Rosy Cheeks (Face scrub)
Rosy Cheeks (Face scrub)

Rosy Cheeks (Face scrub)

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Product Description

The name sounds cheesy? That's what it promises to deliver - ROSY CHEEKS. Tighten and tone your skin with this magic potion which leaves your skin petal soft and bright. With the highest quality organic rose petals from kannauj and organic Hibiscus powder, this face scrub is nothing short of a luxury.


50 g


Exfoliation and removing dead skin is an important step in beauty care regime. Our carefully choosen blend of exfoliating ingredients helps brighten the face by removing dead skin and activate cell regeneration.

Our Organic rose powder is made using the highest quality rose petals from kannauj (The best region for roses in India). Apart from smelling gorgeous, rose also has astringent and healing properties. It soothes skin, making it great for sensitive, damaged skin. It promotes skin glow and rejuvenates the skin cells and lightens it.

Our organic Hibiscus powder tighten and tone the skin. Hibiscus is a natural firming plant and it has natural source of AHAs ( Alpha hydroxy acids) which evens out skintone, reduced hyper-pigmentation or age spots. Due to the slightley exfoliating effect of the organic acids found in the plant, hibiscus helps to speed up cell turnover resulting in more even looking skin.

Organic Apricot kernel meal is perfect for gentle exfoliation without drying your skin.

Rice flour and licorice has natural lightening properties to the skin.


*Rose petal powder, *Hibiscus powder, *Apricot kernel meal, *Licorice, Kaolin clay, *Rice flour, *Rose essential oil, *Geranium Essential oil

*Organic ingredients directly sourced from farmers 

Skintype : All skin types (Acne prone skin should avoid any kind of face scrub)

Texture : Coarse powder, Grainy

Colour : Dark pink

Odour : Combination of Rose and Hibiscus


Exfoliation can be done weekly twice. Scoop out the face scrub using a dry spoon and mix with rosewater or plain water. Gently scrub the paste all over the face for 2 minutes and you can leave it on few minutes before washing. Tightly seal the pack after each use.


For sensitive skin, Please check whether any of the ingredients are allergic. 

All our products are free from Animal testing and contains No parabens, No sulphates, No silicones, No GMOs, No artificial fragrance and No harsh chemicals.

All the ingredients used are natural and plant based.

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