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How to use a shampoo bar?
Rub the shampoo bar in your palms and generate lather by sprinkling water. Apply the lather on your hair and scalp by sprinkling more water. Rinse thoroughly. Use our natural conditioner and rinse thoroughly.

How often can we use a shampoo bar? 
Shampoo bar can be used as an everyday cleanser

Should we refrigerate the face mask?
Its better if you refrigerate the facemark for longer shelf-life

How long will it take to dispatch an order? 
It will take 3-5 working days for processing the order and it can take 2-7 days for delivery depending on how far your location is from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

What should i do if the body butter or Deodorant melt in transit? 
Its completely normal that the butters and deodorants might melt during transit since we don’t add any stabilisers but we assure that the quality of the product remains the same. Plz refrigerate the products for sometime and it will be fine or you can just place it in a room temperature.

Will these products cause any reaction for sensitive skin? 
We would advise you to do a patch test before using the products since some people may be allergic to even natural products. If there is an occurrence of rashes, itching or swelling, please stop using the products.

Are your products completely organic? 
NO, our products are not completely organic but 100% natural. But 50% of the ingredients we source out to be organic and most of the essential oils we use are organic. Its practically impossible to make 100% organic skincare products and this is one of the reasons we don’t claim it to be organic.

Please explain about the return policy? 
Strictly no return policy. We don’t exchange until there is a genuine damage during transit.

Are your deodorants anti-perperants? 
No, they are not anti perspirants. They won’t stop your sweat glands from sweating and it won’t clog your pores but it will keep you refreshing throughout the day.

Do you have a retain store? 
Yes! we do have a retail showroom in 132 Nava India Road, Opp to Pricol Crimson Dawn Apt, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India-641 004