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We Believe

We truly believe:

  • We believe every Human should have the basic luxury of using chemical free, safe skincare products.
  • We believe in making effective skincare products from farmfresh goatmilk, fresh fruits and vegetables, carrier oils, nourishing butters and the finest essential oils
  • We believe terms like fresh, handmade and natural has honest meaning beyond marketing.
  • We believe in our super healing recipes, which are formulated within, in-house and made in-house.
  • We believe in happy work culture that reflects in our products.
  • We believe in lengthy aromatic showers with soothing music at the background.
  • We believe in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again from the scratch.


What we not believe

  • We dont do animal testing. Animals are just for cuddling
  • We don’t believe in fairness campaigns and every woman should embrace their own beauty, color and physique.