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Deoshot Giftbox

Deoshot Giftbox

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1. Rose and Vanilla Deoshot

2. Lavender and sage Deoshot

3. Lime and Bergamot Deoshot

4. Vetiver and Patchouli Deoshot

5. Wooden box

1. Q: How long does the fragrance of your deoshots last?

A: It directly depends on your sweating condition. If you sweat less/normal, the fragrance will easily last more than 5 hours.

2. Q: Which one of your deoshots last longer among all the variants?

A: Rose and Vanilla variant lasts longer than others. However, You can choose the one that calls you.

3. Q: Will your deodorants leave white cast / greasy texture since it is made of oils and butters?

A: No, our deoshots won’t leave any white cast but it is made of cold pressed oils and nourishing butters so give it 2-3 minutes and the greasiness will be absorbed.