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Hand pounded rice

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The husk of the rice is pounded by hand using a stone grinder or stone apparatus. This is also called kaikuthal arisi. It has a medium GI and said to be native to Tamil Nadu. The selenium present in hand-pound rice reduces the risk of serious illnesses like cancer of the large intestine, cardiac diseases and arthritis.
It is low on the Glycemic Index and therefore considered safe for diabetics and all those on a specific diet.

Easy to digest
Good for heart and arthritis
Lowers cholesterol

Nutrients per 100 grams*

Energy (kcal) 325
Protein (g) 7.5
Carbohydrate (g) 73.6
Dietary fiber (g) 0.3
Fat (g) 0.1
Iron (mg) 3.6

* approximate values

Soak for 3-4 hours and cook in 2.5 cups of water per cup of rice.

Great for table rice, idli, dosa, pongal and puttu.