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Kothamali Samba

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Kothamalli samba is a small-sized aromatic red rice variety. It gets the name from the resemblance of coriander seeds. It is easy to cook and easily digested, even by children and elders. Traditionally known to be a nutrient-rich.

Improves the process of digestion
Helps in clotting of blood flow during injuries
Suitable for diabetes

Nutrients per 100 grams*

Energy (kcal) 355
Protein (g) 9.03
Carbohydrate (g) 75.47
Dietary fiber (g) 1.14
Fat (g) 1.88
Iron (mg) 2.1

* approximate values

Soak for 6 hours to overnight and cook in 3 cups of water per cup of rice.

Best for idly, dosa, puttu, muruku and vadagam

All rice orders will be dispatched directly from Vilvah Farm and they may not be combined with non-rice orders. Since all the rice varieties are harvested and processed completely organic, it’s natural to have some bugs sometimes. Please put some neem leaves or chillies in the rice storage.

All rice orders will be charged 50/- per kg as a shipping charge irrespective of your order value.