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Royal Ubtan

Royal Ubtan


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Product Description

With an exotic combination of sundried luxurious ingredients, Our Royal Ubtan not only acts as a soap-free cleanser but exfoliates the skin which stimulates the underlying tissues and removes the tan effectively. It serves the multi-purpose role of cleanser, scrub, facemask, and body mask all at the same time.


65 g


Licorice, Raw rice, and almonds contribute to the brightening properties of the skin.

Mint leaves, Aavarampoo, red sandalwood, and cucumber seeds effectively remove the tan and pigmentation.

White turmeric and turmeric helps in removing the facial hair when used regularly.

Orange peel powder gives the vitamin C boost to your skin.

This luxurious blend refines the pores and improves the complexion.


Organic Aavarampoo, Organic Licorice, Organic Greengram, Almonds, Organic Raw rice, Organic Turmeric, Red sandalwood, Organic white Turmeric, Rose petals, Orange peel powder, Mint leaves, Organic Cucumber seeds, Organic Vetiver, Lemon essential oil, Mandarin essential oil

Texture: Coarse powder, Grainy

Colour: Light Brown

Odor: Combination of Herbal and Citrus


Make a smooth paste by mixing the ubtan with Rosewater if you have normal to oily skin. Mix it with milk or curd if you have dry skin. Even plain water or honey can be used to make it a smooth paste. Can be used as a scrub, cleanser, and facemask. If planning to use it as a facemask, weekly twice is advisable.


For sensitive skin, please check whether any of the ingredients are allergic. 

All our products are free from Animal testing and contain No parabens, No sulfates, No silicones, No GMOs, No artificial fragrance, and No harsh chemicals.

All the ingredients used are natural and plant-based.


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