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Aloevera Gel

Aloevera Gel

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Product Description:

Our pure aloevera gel is manufactured with pure Aloe Vera Juice, which soothes and heals the damaged skin and hair. Our gel contains :

No artificial fragrance

No artificial colour

No artificial thickener




Fresh aloevera gel adds moisture to the skin by hydrating your dull skin.

The refreshing aloevera is great for sunburns and can be used as mask or moisturiser to prevent sun damage which reduces skin irritation.

The anti inflammatory properties in aloevera gel is great for hair and can be used as leave in conditioner or styling gel. 


Rinse your face with water and apply the aloevera gel. The multi functionality aloevera can be used as a facemask, moisturiser, hairpack, styling gel and leave-in conditioner. It can be used as an everyday moisturiser soon after shower or during the night time.


Fresh aloevera juice, vegetable glycerine

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