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De-Tan Combo
De-Tan Combo

De-Tan Combo

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Ultimate Combo for the Tanned Skin. Honeyfix face cleanser and Royal Ubtan are must-haves if you are someone who gets exposed to sun.

Honeyfix Face cleanser and Royal Ubtan

With an exotic combination of sundried luxurious ingredients, Our Royal Ubtan not only acts as a soap-free cleanser but exfoliates the skin which stimulates the underlying tissues and removes the tan effectively. It serves the multi-purpose role of cleanser, scrub, facemask, and body mask all at the same time

Raw forest Honey and Papaya extract along with the witch hazel and aloevera water is rich in anti-oxidants and possess anti-bacterial properties. This acts as a natural humectant and keeps the skin well moisturized and promotes a natural glow.

Cleanse your face with the Honeyfix face cleanser and apply the aloe vera gel. The multi-functionality aloe vera can be used as a face mask, moisturizer, hair pack, styling gel, and leave-in conditioner. It can be used as an everyday moisturizer soon after a shower or during the nighttime.